Alpha Vet Tech Visits Switzerland by Invitation of the Canton of Neuchâtel

The Alpha Vet Tech team was invited to Switzerland by the Canton of Neuchâtel to tour the innovation and manufacturing capabilities of the region.  We toured the area from February 12th, 2018 to February 16th, 2018. 

We were introduced to the University of Zurich and Bern Veterinary Schools, various manufacturing and other advanced engineering firms including CSEM ( a Swiss private, non-profit, industrial research and development organization). 

Neuchâtel is the famous watch capital of the world. During the 1980’s, the introduction of the Cassio Digital watch had a huge impact on their industry.  They took their specialised engineering and micro manufacturing and started applying it to other industries. We were invited to the region as they liked the fact that our WirelessZoo product was wearable and also they have a very strong animal welfare methodology in the country.

From a host of companies applying to the Canton, we were one of the selected to join the program.  This led to finding our manufacturing and engineering partner in Cloos Electronic, with access to our customer base throughout Europe.  We choose Switzerland due to its high standards in quality and precision and our product will carry the Swiss Made moniker around the world.

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