WirelessZoo Comes to New York!

The WirelessZoo™ Pilot Program commenced in the U.S. with Dr. Joseph Impellizeri DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), MRCVS leading the charge

Our U.S. Pilot Program is underway! Joe is in fact part of the AVT team, our Chief Medical Officer, so has been putting WirelessZoo™ to the test, perhaps with extra rigorous testing to ensure that we have a product to be proud of!

Joe and his team have been testing WirelessZoo™ for accuracy, measuring against their current monitoring equipment, also reliability, durability and user experience. In addition to peri-operative monitoring, as you can see from the images above, Joe’s team have also been using the device to monitor animals during advanced diagnostics including Computed Tomography (CT Scans).

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com