Understanding your pet’s health 24/7

Australians have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with almost two thirds of Australian households owning a pet.

We’re also a caring bunch. We spend more than $12 billion on our pets every year, and are dropping more money at the vet than ever. Australians spend more than $2 billion annually on veterinary services for our pets, which is up 42 per cent since 2013.

Research also shows that we’re paying more attention to preventive health when it comes to our beloved pets. Check-ups have overtaken vaccinations as the top-ranking reason for vet visits in Australia.

But preventive pet healthcare in Australia has been lacking one key factor – until now.

Animal telemetry is used in veterinary science to monitor the vital signs of animals during surgical procedures and throughout their recovery. It takes the guesswork out of pet health by giving veterinarians access to the data they need to assess how your pet is dealing with surgery and their immediate postoperative recovery. 

However, animal telemetry usually requires cumbersome, expensive equipment connected to sensors that are attached to your pet. This has made animal telemetry traditionally only possible while your pet is under anaesthetic.

But rapidly evolving technology is set to take animal telemetry to the next level. Alpha Vet Tech has developed the WirelessZoo™ platform that will allow vets to wirelessly monitor a range of animal health indicators in real time.

That means that the WirelessZoo™ will free vets from cumbersome wired animal telemetry devices and make it possible for them to monitor the vital signs of pets 24/7.

This has enormous implications for preventive pet healthcare. Alpha Vet Tech’s wireless technology offers the potential for vets to monitor and assess the vital signs of your pet without the need for the pet to be tethered to a wired telemetry monitor.

That means your vet will be able to use WirelessZoo™ to remotely monitor your pet’s vital signs overnight, over the weekend and any other time they are not physically present at the surgery.

This will in turn allow your vet to gather much greater volumes of accurate data they can use to improve their diagnostic ability, and recommend necessary diet changes, customised exercise programs and a range of other preventative treatments aimed at improving your pet’s health before symptoms of a disease. 

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com