Switzerland Pilot Program

Shar-Peis are well known for tough and wrinkled skin. However, their genetic traits and their particular heavy forehead skin-folds make them vulnerable to various eye problems that can lead to blindness. Okaua is a one-year-old Shar-Pei. Just like many individuals of the same breed, Okaua is suffering from a poor sight because of an entropion. Entropion is an inwards rolling of the eyelid with the consequence of eyelashes and fur rubbing on the surface of the eye. This can cause a huge discomfort and pain or even worse (ulceration) if this remains untreated. 

Okaua came in for a surgery at Dr. Armbrust’s practice. This surgery, which can be compared to a lifting, is very challenging because it requires a huge precision and it usually lasts for a few hours. This appeared to be perfect to test the accuracy of the WirelessZoo™. 

The ZooSense was positioned at the base of the tail before the surgery started and the vital signs were displayed continuously during the three and a half hours. During the two hour surgery period, the WirelessZoo™ provided accurate readings in comparison to their monitoring equipment (A LifeVet P Pulse Oximeter). 

During the post-surgery period, Okaua started shivering and moving around as a normal recovery process. Despite this, the WirelessZoo™ still provided accurate vital signs consolidating our validation program that consists of comparing the existing equipment data with those provided by the WirelessZoo™.

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