Presenting the Vet Practice of the Future at London Vet Show

What will the Vet Practice of the future look like? AVT’s Steve Donegal and Jeremy Bocknek considered the technology and working practices coming down the line, as well as the ones already here, in innovation talks given first at the 2019 Singapore and New York Vet Shows, then at the London Vet Show.

In their view, there are three key drivers:

  • The digitisation of technology in the vet practice

  • The ability to wirelessly monitor patients’ key parameters continuously with WirelessZoo

  • The ability to track these patient parameters in real-time and have them digitally recorded for later analysis – through WirelessZoo™ cloud-based portal.

Steve and Jeremy made a comparison with the high tech world of Formula 1, where instant insights can be gained from sophisticated telemetry. This led them to conclude that this type of technological revolution will likely find its way into the world of veterinary practice, creating even greater advances.

They concluded their talk by stating AVT’s ambition to be a driving force in this technological change, and for WirelessZoo to be the first of many AVT products that will help advance animal health – helping achieve AVT ‘s aim to be the transformative influence on the animal health industry through data-driven insight.

‘Really impressed with this new start-up, Alpha Vet Tech, who launched at London Vet Show. Taking the digitization of animal care to another level with their new monitoring device, WirelessZoo. Designed for pets undergoing surgery, this technology has huge potential to maximise clinical standards, animal welfare and alleviate the stress experienced by clinicians and pet parents! Another year, another London Vet Show. The bar gets higher ever year. I think a convergence of client expectation, technological advancement and veterinary adoption makes it a very exciting time for animal health and the profession. Great to catch up with familiar faces and make some new connections, until next time’

Lawrence Brown – Animal Health and Sustainable Food Production – Consultant and Veterinary Surgeon

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