Wire-free Technology Means Less Stress on Gremlin the Tiny Tailed Pup

Gremlin the Boston Terrier came in for a surgical procedure. Gremlin was a little bit nervous when coming into the clinic but relaxed after a few cuddles from the nurses at Collaroy Plateau Vet Hospital.

Gremlin didn’t have a tail long enough for the ZooSense so we vet wrapped the device around the leg on the femoral artery which didn’t seem to bother Gremlin. This was all done once the pre med was in action.

“Great to know we can use on the leg for our patient without tails”, commented nurse Chelsea.

During surgery the placement of the device did not affect the accuracy of the reading nor did it interfere with the area in which the vet was working on.

Thanks to the wire-free technology of WirelessZoo, it meant less stress to the Gremlin and the sensor did not get in the way during surgery. 

Gremlin was a very happy patient and woke up to cuddles whilst in recovery. WirelessZoo was able to collect accurate data from the femoral artery and produce a strong outcome for the vet and vet nurses throughout the perioperative period.

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com