All Day Continuous Monitoring for Snowy During Diabetes Treatment

Snowy, a nine year-old domestic long-haired cat is diabetic and visits the Collary Plateau Vet Hospital regularly to have his glucose levels checked, which is usually an all day stay in clinic.

With the non invasive, wire-free technology of WirelessZoo™, the team was also able to monitor Snowy’s vital signs (heart rate, SPo2 & temperature) throughout the whole day over the course of the blood work, without sedation.

Normally it wouldn’t be possible to monitor Snowy continuously during his visits as he is not sedated during the blood work. With the help of the WirelessZoo, the team were able to see if there were any changes in heart rate, Spo2 and temperature over the course of the day while medications were administered and also in between visits for his blood work treatments.

The ZooSense device also fitted comfortably on his fluffy tail and did not require shaving to achieve accurate readings.

WirelessZoo enabled the nurses to see any changes in Snowy’s vitals without causing any stress to him and helped to get a better overall assessment of his treatment plan.

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